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Monday, June 27, 2016

Agenda for week June 27, 2016

M1  Terrarium project

M5  presentations due
topics:  Aqueous solutions
In Cinch, there are four online assessments that will prepare you for the exam.

M6 unit test for chemistry on Thursday at 8th period
topics:  Oxidation reduction, linkages DNA

High Scores for quizzes/tests
Pon, Ta, and Milo  100/100

M5: Biology:  Poom, Nina, Amm, Lotto, Guy, Fah, Pang, Shaq, Gifted, Boss  100/100

M5:  Chemistry:  Poom, Fah, Er, Guy

M6 Biology:  Proud 200/200

M6 Chemistry:  Mint 85/100

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