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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

school year 2017--News

 Summer is the time to relax and get refreshed so Mr Gary went and played an ITF--International Tennis Federation tournament in Greta Farms, Pattaya.  It was a Grade 3--the tournaments are graded 1-5 with 1 being the highest, grade 3 is middle.  He won with his partner, Mr. Daniel.

This year we hope to play more tournaments and win. Mr. Gary will continue to do debate club along with Mr. Chad and Mr. LP.  He will also teach M1 and M2 science this year, as of April 16.  It may change.  But looking forward to a new year of adventure.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Year 2017 teaching M1 add math/m2 add sci

A new year begins with classes in M1 Add Math and M2 Add Sci.  I asked to teach M1 to get more debaters for next year, but this year our school has three sections of M1 and M2--thus after hiring more upper Bio and Chem teachers--The G has moved down to lower school.

ASDC high lights--a traditionally difficult tournament--with National teams from various countries--older kids also, we took

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Silom Team Tennis: G/Nok vs Wat/Ying pt 2 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

PHS M5 hw 2/10/17

1. The concentration of either the H+ ion or the OH ion is given for four aqueous solutions at 298 KFor each solutioncalculate [H+or [OH]. State whether the solution is acidicbasicor neutral.
a. [H+] = 1.0 × 1013M

b. [OH] = 1.0 × 107M

c. [OH] = 1.0 × 103M

d. [H+] = 4.0 × 105M

2. Challenge Calculate the number of H+ ions and the number of OH ions in 300 mL of pure water at 298 K.

READING CHECKExplain why you cannot obtain the [H+directly from the molarity of weak acid solution.

1. Calculate the pH of solutions having the following ion concentrations at 298 K.
a. [H+] = 1.0 × 102M

b. [H+] = 3.0 × 106M

2. Calculate the pH of aqueous solutions with the following [H+at 298 K.
a. [H+] = 0.0055M

b. [H+] = 0.000084M

3. Challenge Calculate the pH of solution having [OH] = 8.2 × 106M.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

sample Mr. Gary

Find youtube video-- predator or prey or predator eating prey--nothing gross
click share
click embed
ctrl C
go to blogger
click HTML
Ctrl V
post in sheets what your topic is

discuss three adaptations--for example orcas are big, fast, and have teeth

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Multicolored electrolysis

Multicolored Electrolysis

acid and bases indicators electrolysis
Materials: petri dish universal indicator solution sodium chloride, NaCl, small amount 9 volt battery electrode wires with alligator clips (preferable red and black)

1.       two pencils sharpened at both ends, or two paper clips distilled water—take pictures.
2.       Fill a petri dish with distilled water.
3.       Add a small amount of salt and stir until dissolved.  —take pictures
4.       Add enough universal indicator to give a rich green color —take pictures.
5.       Attach each of the wire alligator clips to one end of each pencil lead. Attach the other ends of the electrodes to the battery poles, the red wire to the positive pole, the black wire to the negative pole. Turn the projector on.
6.       As electrolysis progresses, color changes will begin to occur.
7.       Place a niobium magnet in the middle and discuss what happens.
1.       Why is the universal indicator green when you first add it?
2.       Why can we use the pencils to run a charge.
3.       What is the color at the cathode?
4.       What is the color at the anode?
5.       What happens when you place the niobium magnet?  Why?
6.       What is the equation for the electrolysis of water? Without e and volts
7.       Why can we dump the solution down the drain?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Parent meeting

It was an impressive showing at the parent meeting as I ran out of handouts--I made 100 copies.   I ran out on the way to M5.  Really nice to see M6 parents one more time as they're about to graduate.  Gam has returned.

Giving alot of assessment this week with most levels having a quiz.

m1 biomes
m5 chem/bio have unit tests
m6 chem has their unit test

Should be a fun week before the long weekend

any questions please feel free to email me